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Farewell Hot Tubs

Farewell Hot Tubs

Diary Apr 01, 2018

As I set my navigation to figure out the best route to reach the Hot Tubs for my rendezvous, the map showed an ominous message: “Permanently closed.” It can’t be! But sure enough, when I arrived there was a pair


The End of the Beach

I’ve written about how much I enjoy visiting the nude beach in San Gregorio. I’ve been visiting there for more than twenty years, yet in all that time I’d never made it to the end of the beach. Specifically, I’d

We Were Gay Kids

We Were Gay Kids

Diary Dec 23, 2016

In retrospect, it was a mean thing to do. Who are we kidding? We knew then and there it was mean. Dean and I had locked ourselves in his room and Ryan was outside pounding on the door wanting to

Vacant Houses Invite Mischief

The premise was simple. Just show up, get sucked off for an hour, and get paid some cash. I didn’t have anything planned for the evening, so why not? I’d come across the ad in the Craigslist “gigs” section while

The Stud

The Stud

Diary , News Jul 22, 2016

Word is The Stud Bar in San Francisco may become yet another victim of San Francisco’s spiraling property wars. We’ve seen a lot of this in recent years as the City has transformed at a dizzying pace, but this one’s

The Memo (NSFW)

The Memo (NSFW)

Diary , NSFW Jun 21, 2015

When did the memo go out, and who initiated it? I’m talking about the memo that appears to have been received by pretty much all guys under thirty years old, instructing them that in the gym locker room they must

In Front of the Camera (NSFW)

One day in the eighth grade, one of my teachers pulled me aside and suggested I sign up with a modeling agency. He told me there were two students in the class, myself and a girl, who he thought had

I Cam, You Cam, We All Cam

For those of us of a certain age, our first exposure to the concept of videophones was The Jetsons. In this cartoon, set in the future, the characters made calls to each other with a full complement of video service.



Diary Jan 27, 2015

I should have known from the start. How old was I? Ten? Twelve? Old enough to know a few things about the world, even if I didn’t fully understand them. Old enough to know something peculiar was going on. I’d

Private Beach (NSFW)

I’ve had mixed feelings about the battle for public access at Martin’s Beach, on the San Mateo County coast south of San Francisco (read the New York Times article here). On the one hand it is a classic battle between