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The Lost Ones

The Lost Ones

Diary Jul 19, 2014

These days with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the various other web tools, we’ve gotten accustomed to being able to find stuff out about people really easily. Just by merely existing, one can’t help but show up on one of


Visit to Black Sand Beach (NSFW)

Black Sand Beach in the Marin Headlands, just north of San Francisco, has long been one of my favorite beaches anywhere. Not just because you can get naked there, but because it is physically beautiful. And yes, the sand is



Diary Jan 18, 2014

The other day I attended an “Introduction to Mixology” class.  It was one of those deals that came through SweetJack or Groupon, I can’t remember which.  It promised to teach essential bartending skills while getting into the “nitty gritty” of

Discovering Kink (NSFW)

Like a lot of guys, I didn’t initially have a taste for kink.  I was thrilled to have access to a naked man and get to have sex with him.  I could hardly believe that I got to do this

Goodbye Speedo (NSFW)

I’ve finally taken the plunge, and ordered a square cut swim trunk to replace my Speedo.  I’d been mulling this over a while as I’ve noticed more and more guys at the pool showing up in square cuts and jammers,



Diary Sep 23, 2013

Over the summer I posted a travel post (since elapsed) saying that I was headed to Provincetown for the first time.   I mentioned that Provincetown had been on my bucket list, right alongside Fire Island and Key West.  Given that

Revisiting school-age crushes

I had an odd experience a month or so ago that’s got me thinking. I’d been invited to an afternoon cocktail party hosted by a woman friend of mine in town visiting. As friends we have a long history going

Ode to Playgirl

Ode to Playgirl

Diary May 19, 2013

I was walking to school with my sisters or neighbor kids, I’m not sure who was with me.  Sometime in the fifth or sixth grade, which would have made me ten or eleven years old.  As we walk I notice

Forgetting Anniversaries

I just realized that another anniversary went by, and I completely forgot about it. It’s been nearly two decades since that night back in grad school.  I’d met a friend over in San Francisco and we’d seen a movie.  I

Scenes from a MAL

Scenes from a MAL

Diary Jan 15, 2013

I’m on an Amtrak train heading down to Washington DC to go to Mid Atlantic Leather weekend, otherwise known as “MAL.”  I’m connecting to the train’s wi-fi and it shows the various active networks. In addition to the Amtrak network