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A long while back I’d written about one of my favorite beaches, Black Sand Beach in the Marin Headlands, just north of San Francisco. Together with San Gregorio Private Beach, it’s been one of my go-tos for three decades.

In some accounts it’s known as “Black Sands Beach,” while in others, the singular “Black Sand Beach.” Either way, it’s notable for its stunning scenery and gritty black sand.

But it’s been changing over the years. Most notably, it has been discovered by more mainstream visitors, who tend to stay clothed and come just to enjoy the sights. I can’t blame them. The hike down to the beach is not too difficult and it has beautiful views.

The arrival of the regular folk has also coincided with the gays departing. When I was a young pup there would be tons of naked gay guys (and some gals) at the beach pretty much any day, but now most of the time they can be counted on one hand. The gays appear to have fully decamped to Marshall’s Beach, on the San Francisco side of the golden gate.

Things and places change over time, and so it goes. I still love to visit Black Sands and get naked, though I’m more likely to head to the far reaches of the beach. And I still come to Black Sands for photoshoots, since the scenery is so spectacular.

Down the road from Black Sands is a series of military bunkers from WWII. These next photos were taken by Viewpoint Photography on a foggy June day in 2021 up around the bunkers. It was a chilly day so I kept my clothes on.

(Advisory: This next section includes NSFW nude photos)

These next photos are from a shoot with Outdoor Lens taken this September. For these photos we went to the far end of the beach and I got naked.

Being the end of summer, this was about as warm as the water was going to get. It was chilly but I braved it, and had a really good time.

It was foggy for the first part of the shoot, but late in the afternoon the fog suddenly cleared and it was sparkling sunlight. I gotta admit I’d been getting cold by now, so the sun on my bare skin felt really good.



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