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The End of the Beach

I’ve written about how much I enjoy visiting the nude beach in San Gregorio. I’ve been visiting there for more than twenty years, yet in all that time I’d never made it to the end of the beach. Specifically, I’d


In Front of the Camera (NSFW)

One day in the eighth grade, one of my teachers pulled me aside and suggested I sign up with a modeling agency. He told me there were two students in the class, myself and a girl, who he thought had


Private Beach (NSFW)

I’ve had mixed feelings about the battle for public access at Martin’s Beach, on the San Mateo County coast south of San Francisco (read the New York Times article here). On the one hand it is a classic battle between


Visit to Black Sand Beach (NSFW)

Black Sand Beach in the Marin Headlands, just north of San Francisco, has long been one of my favorite beaches anywhere. Not just because you can get naked there, but because it is physically beautiful. And yes, the sand is